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3 Ways the Internet Improves Your Recruitment Process

Dec 23, 2022

Technology has influenced many aspects of the recruitment process. Traditional methods of sourcing and screening candidates are being replaced with more efficient means. With today’s intense competition for talent, talent acquisition teams are utilizing every tool possible to find top-tier candidates. So how are today’s recruiters and hiring managers using technology to drive their recruiting efforts forward.

​1. Connect with Passive Candidates

Social media has changed communication in so many ways, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s also changed how companies connect with candidates. Nowadays, hiring managers and recruiters are spending more time on networking sites than on job boards. Why wait around for a candidate to send in their application when you can actively source candidates online?

With the advancements of technology, companies are using social networking platforms to connect with over 2.5 billion netizens. According to SocialTalent’s Global Recruiting Survey, 81% of recruiters choose to send passive candidates either a LinkedIn connection request or InMail. Talent acquisition teams are expanding their talent pool by being the first to reach out. They’re also able to connect to candidates living in different states or countries.

2. Gain More Information

The process of accessing and acquiring reliable candidate information has always been fairly tedious. Moreover, the data lacks accuracy. Now, it only takes a few clicks to gain fresh insights from every part of the world. Traditional recruiting used to rely on intuition (and some luck), which was time-consuming and could lead to bad hires. With recruiters and hiring teams having access to candidates’ online profiles, they are using a more data-driven approach.

Data-driven recruiting is when you utilize gathered candidate data to make better hiring decisions. At, we have a database of 300+ million candidate profiles worldwide. Each profile is uniquely tagged with relevant candidate and company information. With this data, we help our customers’ talent acquisition teams become more efficient, reduce their time-to-hire, and increase the quality of their talent pool.

3. Streamline Hiring Processes

A data-driven approach isn’t the only way to streamline recruitment processes. Most recruiters and hiring managers have come to rely on online aptitude tests to assess their candidates. These talent assessments are typically incorporated into Applicant Tracking Systems or job portals. Hiring managers are no longer required to perceive the skills of a candidate based on pure judgement. They can easily send out an aptitude test to a candidate before inviting them in for interview, thus eliminating unqualified candidates and making the selection process more focused.

The future of recruitment means relying more on hard data rather than a hiring manger’s intuition alone. Gone are the days of countless resumes and never-ending interviews. Today’s process of collecting and analyzing candidate information is providing richer insights that influence every hiring decision.

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