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Attract More Inbound Candidates

Dec 23, 2022

According to Indeed, there are over 3 million job openings in America and there are probably hundreds of job postings similar to yours. You need to ensure that your post is seen by job seekers and is not buried under similar listings.
So how do you make sure your job posting gets the most traction?

​1. Use the Right Keywords

Making your job posts appear on search engines involves using relevant keywords and phrases. We’ve already talked about how to draft the perfect job description, but listing the necessary requirements and responsibilities isn’t enough to appear in the top search results. Here are types of keywords/phrases you can add to your job post:

  • Company/Branded/Product Terms that are familiar to job seekers
  • Alternative job titles
  • Industry-specific terms
  • Popular abbreviations of job titles, skills, products, etc.

2. Add the Appropriate Tags to Your Job Post

When posting on job boards, take advantage of the available tags. By adding tags, you’re ensuring more relevant job seekers find your post. This will also save you time on screening applications. However, do not go overboard. Many job boards recommend candidates for your req by matching inbound resumes with your tags, so having too many tags could filter out qualified candidates that have not fully updated their profiles. We recommend tagging the most common details such as location, industry, and the basic requirements.

3. Connect with Existing Employees

Having a bigger network on LinkedIn will increase the reach of your job post. When you share a job post, your co-workers can share the job post or send in their own referrals which will help broaden your talent pool.

4. Post on your Company’s Official Social Media Pages

Don’t limit yourself to posting on professional networking sites (such as LinkedIn). Try posting job openings on your company’s social media pages. You can try using Facebook Tabs to integrate a third-party ATS solution or simply list your openings in a Facebook Note.

5. Join LinkedIn/Facebook Groups

There are numerous social media groups created by professionals that cater to specific specialties/industries. Just send in a request to join the group, and, once you’re in, post your job opening. It’s an easy way to reach your target group of talent for free! However, make sure job postings are allowed in the group. Most groups have a set of rules and violators are kicked out by the administrators. Violating a rule can also affect your reputation as a hiring manger or recruiter.

Apply these 5 techniques to your existing job posts and attract more candidates!

However, having more applicants isn’t necessarily better. An excess of underqualified candidates in the beginning stages can lead to wasted time screening the talent pool, looking for those who meet your qualifications. If you want top-tier talent, you need to go the extra mile and reach out to passive candidates. Since only 36% of professionals are active candidates and see your job post, you need to develop a strategy to engage the remaining 64% who are passive candidates.

At, we use Candidate Intelligence to generate a customized candidate pool for your job openings. From our database of 300+ million profiles worldwide, we’re able to hone in on active and passive candidates that meet (or beat) your jobs’ requirements. Our data-driven approach eliminates the need for job boards and manual sourcing methods. Get in touch at to learn more.

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