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Don’t Get HR Generalists and Recruiters Mixed Up

Dec 23, 2022

Companies often think that having a Human Resources department is synonymous with having a Talent Acquisition team and fail to understand that they have two different functions. While recruiters do usually fall under the HR department, they should not be confused with HR generalists.
​HR generalists are mainly in charge of talent management.

They perform a variety of maintenance and communication tasks within the company to ensure employees are complying with company policies and have the necessary means to work productively.

On the other hand, recruiters are dedicated to identifying talent and hiring skilled employees to fulfill a specific role in the company. Talent acquisition teams are tasked with proactively sourcing candidates and ensuring a smooth hiring process. They oversee publishing job openings, building a strong talent pool, reaching out to potential candidates, planning interviews, and communicating with all applicants.

The entire hiring process is managed by the recruiter. Once a candidate is hired, only then do HR generalists step in to onboard the new hire. It is important for employers to understand the difference between the two roles because hiring AND retaining skilled employees are essential for a company to thrive.

By having both a recruiter and a generalist, companies can generally save more money in the long run. A recruiter will fill the vacant positions and a generalist will ensure the employees stay happy in their roles, thus lessening the chances of having to reopen the position and incurring a vacancy cost. According to Glassdoor, the 263,586 unfilled tech jobs alone add up to $20.1 billion. This is why it’s important to have a recruiter solely focused on filling job openings with the best candidate for the role.

If your team is in need of a talent acquisition specialist but can’t afford to waste more time and resources looking for a skilled recruiter, offers a potential solution: a Dedicated Recruiter.

A full-time recruiter will be assigned to assist your HR department in delivering Qualified, Interested, and Available candidates. To ensure high quality candidates and fast time to fill, the recruiter assigned to your company will specialize in your industry and have access to our database of 300+ million candidate profiles. Our recruiter will source candidates that meet (or beat) your job’s requirements and conduct phone interviews for the initial candidate screening.

Our team of dedicated recruiters is trained in our data-driven recruitment techniques to deliver the best candidate for your position. If you’re interested to learn more, feel free to get in touch at

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