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Innovative Ways to Find Talent

Dec 23, 2022

Talent acquisition teams can’t rely on traditional recruiting methods when talent is in short supply.
​It’s time to get creative! Recruiting strategies must evolve as technology becomes more prevalent in all aspects of our lives.
​Here are a few tactics you can integrate into your hiring process that can help broaden your talent pool:

1. Join professional communities

More hiring managers and recruiters are approaching potential employees on social media, and not just LinkedIn. Competition for talent is continuously rising, so employers must be the first to reach out to candidates. To directly reach their target group of professionals, some hiring managers join Facebook and LinkedIn groups. There are numerous groups online with members who have similar skill sets or who work in the same industry.

2. Add hashtags to your posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is making big leaps in improving the content that users can share and view on their news feed. Recently, they’ve asked users to select hashtags they are interested in. So next time you’re thinking of sharing a job opening on LinkedIn, be sure to include the relevant hashtags. This will help increase the reach of your post and could lead to more job applicants.

3. Optimize your career pages for mobile

89% of job seekers say their smartphones are an important tool for job searching, yet many company websites are not fully mobile-optimized! And it’s not just the career page that has to be mobile optimized, online application forms and aptitude tests should also be easily accomplished on mobile phones. However, there’s no need to go to the extreme and create your own app; just make sure your pages are easily navigable on smaller screens.

4. Utilize the Gig Economy

More and more candidates are choosing to work as freelancers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.5 million professionals are not tied to a specific company, but instead are working in “contingent” or “alternative work arrangements.” Working with a freelancer doesn’t always mean numerous turnovers. If you want to keep the best contractors around, you’ll need to foster good working relationships. Treat them like you would a regular employee. Compensate them properly for their work, ensure that they are paid on time, and give them sincere praise.

5. Incorporating Data in your processes

Advancements in technology have made candidate information available to recruiters and hiring managers online. However, rummaging through large amounts of data to find the perfect candidate is still like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. While numerous agencies are offering a data-driven approach to recruiting, the candidate profiles they provide are only comprised of the candidate’s information that is readily available.

​At, we take raw data and utilize data science to determine what other roles, skills, and products candidates excel in. We cross-examine candidate and company information to ensure that we have every piece of relevant candidate information. Our data-driven approach shortens time to fill and decreases costs spent on traditional sourcing and screening methods.

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