Candidate Intelligence
Gain access to proprietary candidate intelligence to enable virtually effortless sourcing.
Candidate Sourcing
Delivering only stack ranked qualified candidates who meet your technical qualification, candidate interest and candidate fit.
Technical Sourcing
Leverage headhuntr’s proprietary job/skills taxonomy and AI to source technical position with ease.
Sales Sourcing
Utilizing sales candidate intelligence to find the top sales performers, and/or sales career progression.
Candidate Intelligence generates the essential candidate intelligence that recruiters need
Workforce Optimization
Enabling organizations to optimize their teams by identifying internal talent using our workforce intelligence solution.


Dec 23, 2022

Who are we? was launched with a single mission: Revolutionize the recruiting process through a ​data-driven approach.
The recruiting landscape is riddled with time-consuming and costly processes that do not always yield favorable results. With job boards, social media, and high-tech applicant tracking systems, hiring managers are bombarded with candidates that often do not fit the job requirements. In today’s competitive job market, companies cannot waste time screening these unqualified candidates. That’s where we come in.
Formed by Silicon Valley executives, sets out to address the issues faced by recruiters and hiring managers.

What do we do?

​From sourcing, to screening, to full-service recruiting, provides companies, big or small, customizable recruiting solutions. How? By combining data science, technology, and human insight.

With our data-driven approach, we help customers…

  • Decrease their time to hire
  • Increase retention rates
  • Increase quality of new hires

What makes us different?

Utilizing a database of over 69 million candidate profiles, leverages the power of data and highly qualified service teams to enable companies to find the absolute best candidates. We simplify technical candidate sourcing by tracking over 30 thousand hardware and software technology products and certifications. However, we know that we cannot rely on technology alone.

We incorporate human insight to screen our data for your company’s ideal candidate.
​This allows us to look beyond simple job titles and skill set descriptions. Our service teams identify relevant professional roles, skills, and department classifications to ensure we are capturing the largest pool of qualified candidates.

Our goal is the successful placement of a top-quality candidate.

Have a hard-to-fill technical position? Contact one of our recruiters at or visit our website today.

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