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Reel In Candidates with the Perfect Job Description

Dec 23, 2022

Nowadays, to create a job, post all you need to do is to fill out the required fields on a site like However, if you want to attract the best candidates, it’s best to have a very thorough job description on hand.
Think of your job description as sales pitch. You want to be able to sell your company and the job position to as many candidates as possible. How? Just keep these tips in mind.

Skip the history lesson

If a candidate is really interested in knowing more about your company, they can check out your LinkedIn page or company website. Keep your company overview short. Instead of describing your company’s past, talk about future plans. Candidates will be more interested in knowing what opportunities lie ahead.

Lose the buzz words

“Fun” job titles don’t work anymore. Stop using words such as “Rockstar,” “Hero,” or “Superstar.” Candidates know they’re being pandered to so it’s best to use the actual title and job functions. Also, using real keywords will make your job post easily searchable for job seekers.

Keep it Conversational

Write as if you were speaking directly to the candidate. One way you can lighten up your job description is by replacing the words “candidate” or “employee” with “you.” Here’s an example, “You must be proficient in Microsoft Excel.” Or “You’ll handle research analysis on current marketing trends.”

Be clear and concise with your requirements

When faced with a very long job description, candidates will be intimidated and not bother to read it. It’s best to keep your job requirements and responsibilities short. Make it easy for your applicants to understand exactly what the job entails and what skills are necessary to qualify.

Don’t ask for too much

Keep in mind that years of experience does not equate to competence. Many candidates do not push through with an application because they do not have the required years of experience. A Millennial candidate is likely more technologically-savvy than a Gen X candidate. Be open to accepting younger candidates.

Remember that your job description will set a candidate’s expectations. A good job description will provide a clear picture of the position and can be used as a reference for measuring performance. The better your job description, the more helpful it will be in the future.

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